The Africa Institute for Strategic and Security Studies (AISSS) is an African institution conducting research, seminars and training designed to respond to the contemporary strategic and security challenges facing Africa and, in this regard, complements the efforts of AU.  AISSS is a Non-Profit Organization incorporated in the United States of America, State of Virginia, and registered in Namibia.
Mission Statement

AISSS specializes in the following:

1. Transnational Crimes
2. Terrorism (violent extremism)
3. Natural Resources and Climate Change and their individual or combined impact on security.

AISSS strategic tools include: timely environmental readings and projections of their implications in Africa; creating forums for interfaces between the African political and socio-economic leadership, civil society and experts in the field of security; facilitating training for solutionfinding and implementation; and, above all, assisting African countries to mobilize the human and material resources required to overcome contemporary security threats on the continent.
While the Cold War may have ended, it does not necessarily mean that African states operate in a global arena free of pressures from the major powers. An insidious “neo Cold War“ of competing spheres of influence has, unfortunately, emerged. The challenge for Africa is how to resist these new pressures that often demand exclusive politico-military or economic partnerships. The imperative for African states via the African Union is to remain open to all - East, West and Centre - with the essence of its national and continental policies summed up as: do what is in Africa’s best interest!
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